At a point where rock meets funk, where sassy soul meets pop-aware groove, where old notions of musical tribalism and generic demarcations are seen for the pointless distractions that they are, you find Nonstop To Cairo doing their thing. And their thing is often hard to define easily. But I will try; that is the job, after all!

It would be easy to call such music fusion music, but that would imply that they are deliberately forcing together music that doesn’t naturally belong together. The great thing about Nonstop To Cairo, in general, and Million Dollar Space, in particular, is that everything they do here sounds natural and effortless. It is the music that they were born to make.

The music is busy, sure, basses groove and the guitar licks are relaxed and soulful, breezy brass drifts through, beats are tasteful and understated, and the vocal delivery sits tantalisingly between rap dexterousness and rock drive. And it would be easy to take all of those sounds and instruments and end up with a confusing mess. The great thing here is that you are witnessing a band that can juggle all of those elements and still make sure that space and melody, hook and harmony are what the song is all about.

Genres, eh? Who needs them? Not these guys, that’s for sure.

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