Two Swords – Seven Crows (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As the recent title track revealed to us, the parent album, from which this lush track comes, is a gorgeous piece of slow burning, wide-screen, cinematic and ambient instrumental beast. And Two Swords is the perfect taste of what you will experience if you dive into its cool sonic depths. 

Painting gentle celtic vibes onto a spacious and drifting back drop, Two Swords is less about music than it is about mood. Mixing background string washes and wanderings, with deft pizzicato rhythms, Two Swords is dreamlike in the way it cocoons the listener in a warm and mysterious embrace. It never rushes to its logical destination, in fact what makes this and the other songs on the album so great is that there isn’t really a logical destination, not in musical terms at least, feeling more like music to be experienced through osmosis rather than having to try too hard to understand its charming and shimmering ways.

Why be obvious when you can be mysterious? Exactly. And Two Swords is mysterious indeed, a bit like an artist starting a sonic sentence but never quite getting around to….

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