On Da Floor – HollyWood 40 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sometimes you just need to escape the hustle and hassle of the rat-race. Sometimes you need to forget your day to day worries and cut loose. Sometimes you need to leave your problems at the door. Sometimes you need music like On Da Floor. Its an anthem to having a good time…make that a great time…it’s as simple as that. No hidden agenda, no deeper message just an invitation to party. Who couldn’t do with some of that in their life?

Blending reggae grooves with a more modern rap swagger, island vibes with pop sass, it is both familiar and wonderfully fresh. It pulls some lovely dynamic moves, different vocals changing the tone from smart and dexterous raps to sing-along choruses and a wonderfully unexpected drop down which perfectly underlines the message. “Whatever you are stressing about today, we’ll deal with it tomorrow.”

It’s the perfect reminder that sometimes you just need to give yourself some breathing space so that you can come back to the fight refreshed. And whilst you are allowing yourself that much needed downtime, On Da Floor makes for the perfect soundtrack to recharge those batteries to.

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