Tummy Tuck – Sen Lombardi (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Short, sweet and to the point. But that has always been the charm of rap music. It knows what it wants to say and it gets straight on with it, and you can’t accuse Sen Lombardi of outstaying his welcome. Repetitive to the point of hypnotic, minimal to a point that it seems to eventually float away out of earshot, brief to the point of being little more than one verse tethered by peripheral lyrics and subtle sonic moves, Tummy Tuck makes the three minute pop song look like War and Peace.

But perhaps such a minimalist approach is the way forward and this ephemeral rap, some times present, sometimes drifting away, is just a logical response to slick, over-produced rappers throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, into the mix. Rap, just as soccer is to sport, has always been the choice of those strapped for cash because it requires so little outlay. Strip away all the costs, all high-end values, all the bling and the glamour and all you are left with is honesty and intent. Strip away all the self-aggrandising, costly recording and media choices and you get to the essence of what rap is all about. Do that and you are left with songs such as Tummy Tuck.

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