12:34 – HUNYMOONFAZE (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

A lot of modern rap and hip-hop, and the music which has sprung from these forms, seems to be powered by a glitchy, skittering trap percussion. An engine room bookended by depth-charge bass beats and skittering, chiming chirps. Last Night manages to put a new spin on such a rhythmic approach, with the percussive beats wound so tight and close that they sound mechanical, industrial, futuristic even and yet at other-times becoming a spacious a cappella piece.

Slow and hypnotic yet full of intent Last Night is a sultry groove through dark reflections, one which is perfectly balanced by its sonic travelling companion Break My Heart, a more driving affair yet built on similar sounds. It’s just that this time they are woven into a weightier web, allow the vocals to be more expansive, more exploratory, taking in rap and sung salvos, collaborative harmonies and those quintessential vocal inclusions which are only found in this part of the musical canon.

New rap for a new world? Absolutely!

Link to the EP:

Links to connect:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3lqqwK09LUisLVGI6kgN6a?si=5kKzUMgCTmWmJarDzryjaA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hunymoonfaze/

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