JoanaSerratbyElbaFernndez03Enchanting audiences seems to be something that Joana Serrat can’t help doing, but being able to do it whilst delivering a poignant social message is a rare gift indeed. Whilst the vocals float over gently chiming guitars and auto-harps, and indie-folk-pop vibes stream like beams of light from the heart of the music, the message is a more serious one.


“Tug of War is a song that talks about the people of my generation that once followed all the paths we were told to walk. We did obey, believing in what we’ve been told. At the end of this road we were supposed to find the good life and all that we end up seeing is a death land. We are going to be the first generation that won’t surpass our parents.”  



Tug of War paves the way for Joana’s third album Cross The Verge, due out in May, an album which took her from her Spanish home to Montreal to work with producer Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, The Barr Brothers) and promises to be the natural progression along the dreamlike and alluring path her music has taken her so far.



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