AmitaTricksSingleArtIf your vision of pop is as a music box of shiny, vibrant and boisterous sounds, Amita opens your eyes to a wonderful new way of working in that genre. She takes the accessibility and simple elegance of modern pop but instead of charging off with them in party mood, cleverly she slows things down, spaces them out, makes them more soul searching and intimate. The result is the most seductive of grooves, one that snakes its way across the back of the song, changing speeds to alter the dynamic but essentially being the main musical thrust on which the song is built.

And between this musical back bone and the sultry vocal delivery that sits up front there is plenty of space but instead of filling it with the usual pop fare, Amita takes the braver option of leaving it bare and apart from a few interesting, passing musical motifs and distant electronica, it is essentially the atmospherics and emptiness in the centre that helps create the mystique of the song. It is pop, yes, but it also ticks some more unexpected boxes. It panders to gothic nostalgia, ambient sensibilities and even flirts with the dark underbelly of R&B. Doom-pop? That might be over selling it slightly but it does provide a wonderful alternative to the usual neon lit youthful exuberance that normally goes hand in hand with the pop label.

It is surprising how many references are evoked from such a minimalist delivery and the song writing itself does share some common ground with any number of pop and R&B acts albeit given a slower, more atmospheric spin. However, it is the more eclectic choices that really make this track stand apart from the competition. It is the deft weave of classical grace, futuristic electronica and gothic ethereality that really jumps out at you, the oft cited less is more qualities, the pauses between, the notes, the unresolved tensions in the music and the inherent melancholy.

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