Running  –  Shofar (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

0011559035_10I often worry about bands who label themselves Christian Rock, after all we don’t call Haim Jewish indie and I’m pretty sure that The Beastie Boys never promoted themselves as Buddhist Rap, and such a title is always going to put off as many people as it appeals to. Thankfully, although repeated listens to Running will reveal the “message” it never at any time seems preachy, evangelical or anything other than good, solid, accessible rock music. And of course that is probably the best approach, let the lyrical content subtly work its way into the listeners thoughts but essentially let them decide if it is for them or not. And anyway, the lyrics could easily be read as non-spiritual pondering on the human condition.

Musically we are on easier ground and Shofar’s weave of accessible rock, and pop sensibilities is an instant winner. Easy on the ear, infectious and with more hooks than a Fisherman’s tackle box, it plays by pop rules but does so dressed in rock trappings, and with just the right amount of muscle. And it is this meeting of the commercial world and the more mature market that will ultimately work well for the band and those who wish to examine the deeper meaning of the lyrics have something interesting to explore, for everyone else, there is just a great rock band. Best of both worlds really.

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