The section of the Venn Diagram where country music and philosophy or bluesy-folk music and metaphysics meet isn’t a particularly crowded intersection. But Phil Robinson‘s latest release is certainly the king of that domain. Imagine if Dylan had majored in Existential Philosophy or if Springsteen had embraced yoga only occasionally playing with the local bar-room band when time allowed. Well, that!

In fact, forget all that and just give the song a spin. It’s a cool sonic slice, one that mixes the edgy vibes of the folk busker with some neat Americana swagger, rock ‘n’ roll with a Phd. There’s a lot of long words in there, some too much for my small brain to understand but I think I get where Phil is coming from.

The message is something like, each to their own, whatever floats your boat, different strokes for different folks, dance to your own tune….“When it comes down to it, do what you gotta do…”

I think that Phil and I see the world pretty much through a similar lens.

PS: This track has been released to support the efforts of NIVA, a body aiming to support music venues facing closure due to recent, pandemic related downturns. Please check them out.

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