Ain’t Afraid – Aint Afraid (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The name says it all really. Both the artist name and the album title reflect the positivity and courage which runs through the music that this duo makes. It is music that blends smooth R&B, sensual soul and more urban deliveries together but more important than the sound is the message that their music carries. It is a message of realising what is important, of cutting through the superficiality of the modern world and getting back to a more honest and realistic way of living. It tells us to turn away from materialism and image, and embrace love, personal growth and unity.

Sometimes they do this directly, such as the staccato groover Rover and Benz, which advocates friends over fast cars, sometimes they promote more general attitudes towards life, such as on Chosen Roses. Smile Today proves that they can rap hard, Somebody Loves You shows that they can serenade and seduce just as effectively.

The music is great but when combined with the uplifting lyrics, something that we could do with more than ever given the state of the world at the moment, the whole package become priceless.

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