Too Soon – Jess Yaffa (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

“Every song is about love these days….” so says, Jess Yaff on her latest single. And she is right, they are, and rarely does a love song have anything new to say. Not really. Thankfully, Too Soon is a different sort of love song, or rather a song about love, with plenty to say. It gently examines love, especially experiences of her own relationships and reminds us that it is a process that is different for everyone, that there are no hard and fast answers. No right or wrong.

And that might sound like a deep and heavy process but Jess Yaffa does all of this soul searching and confessional through the sonic language of the perky pop song. The result is a tune that is deep and meaningful, unquestionably personal and universally relatable, full of groove and etched with grace.

That’s a lot to fit into one pop song but fit it in she does and in doing so marks herself out as definitely an artist to watch.

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