Harder Than It Has To Be – MiGGs (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Reunions aren’t always intentional, sometimes such opportunities just seem to present themselves and the people involved end up wondering why they parted ways in the first place. Whilst Don Miggs was working in the studio with Candlebox he found himself needing a drummer for the session and called up his old MiGGs bandmate Jason Gianni.

The session went so well and with Covid putting so many musical options on hold the full band decided to reconvene to try and capture some of the old sonic magic.

And Harder Than It Has To Be certainly does that. Their trademark blend of considered rock and roll with plenty of pop accessibility, killer riffs with understatement and space, accessibility with authenticity is as obvious and immediate as it ever was.

It’s a cool song, but then writing cool songs never seemed to be an issue for the band. And this track proves that, even though the four have remained busy in the fifteen years since they went their separate ways, the magic is still there, any time they want it to be, which must be great to know.

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