Any band that can take you from ambient to epic in just over four minutes is a band that you need to take note of. Especially if they can do it through the deft use of measured increments, slowly adding sonic weight, building beat, turning grace into the groove, in a way that is so effortless that you hardly notice the process until the final crescendoes are reached and you look back and realise just how far you have come.

And that is what lies at the heart of this latest release from Color The Void. From an understated and unadorned opening, the band slowly wrap the song in additional tones and textures so that it evolves as it goes, growing in stature until it is a heady and contradictory weave of squalling sonics and cinematic grace. It’s a balancing act that is hard to get right. Many bands trying to walk a similar creative tightrope either go in so heavy-handed that they create impact at the expense of beauty, or overplay the ambience so that their song doesn’t land with the required effect. Not Color The Void.

But there is more going on here than just a neat song. Lyrically it plays with some philosophical sentiments, musing on what it means to live your life. I mean really live it. Of the joy of learning who you are and where you want to go. Of turning your back on the rules and regulations of society and just discovering what’s best for you as an individual. And of the fact that time is short and so you have to pack in as much as you can. It’s a song called Time but it could just have easily been titled…Life!

Time proves that music can make you feel and make you think, simultaneously, and the two functions dovetail here perfectly. The sweeping music, the ever-rising urgency, the underpinning sonics act as the perfect platform for the power and poignancy of the words. And although lyrically, it gives you plenty to think about, the music never resorts to obvious tropes, of being po-faced or full of its own importance for its part of the bargain.

Instead, it is euphoric, energetic and full of life. It is filmic and adventurous. It sears and soars, making the message that it carries even more accessible and even more thought-provoking.

Who knew that a song was capable of doing all of that? Well, Color The Void for a start!

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