Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Those Were The Music Weeks That Were – 310521

I've been a bit hit and miss with a weekly playlist of late, so this one will represent about 3 weeks worth of music....

Ohio – Color The Void (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We know that Color The Void is great at the art of soundscaping. Both Second Guess and the more recent single, Time, display their...

Time – Color The Void (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Any band that can take you from ambient to epic in just over four minutes is a band that you need to take note...

That Was The Music Week That Was – 050321

Here we are again, another busy week and a stack of cool music to share with you all. Please check out the artists featured,...

Second Guess – Color The Void (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some songs get themselves noticed through big musical moves and unmissable sonic punches. Others through more deft and delicate song crafting. Second Guess seems...