Throwback Thursday: Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back to Leeds – The Mountain Goats

thI was doing a spot of research whilst writing about a band with some old-school sounds and post-punk connections and found myself , as you do, on Andrew Eldritch’s Wiki page. It was there that I found out that he had been wonderfully referenced in a song title and I thought I’d check it out and this is the result.

Okay, it isn’t too much of a blast from the past, only being from last year but The Mountain Goats have been making cool music since the early nineties, it would seem. But it made me chuckle and as quirky little indie pop songs go it’s great and it is that one line, the titular refrain that makes me smile every time it gets dropped into the delivery.

Looks like I have missed out on a great band but am making up for that now and can highly recommend Goths, their most recent album that this comes from and also am really enjoying Black Pear Tree which sees them collaborating with Kaki King.

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