Jochen Tiberius Koch set to release debut album “Walden”

PGOFCUKwWith the warm weather comes some rather chilled music in the guise of the release of debut album “Walden” by the German composer Jochen Tiberius Koch on July 27th on Schole Records (Japanese label of Akira Kosemura, Dakota Suite, Quentin Sirjacq). It will be available in both CD & Digital form.
This first album was inspired by the book “Walden, or the Life in the Woods” written in 1854 by the American author/philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Leipzig composer and sound artist Jochen Tiberius Koch has taken the basic idea of deceleration and created a memorial in honour of Henry D. Thoreau featuring drawings with a beautifully magical flair.
Miniatures swaddled in delicate melancholy, not forgetting orchestrated bombast, right over to electronic glitches: that’s how the woods might sound.

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