This Means War – Harry R. Brown (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Alternative pop, like most music labels and genres, is a very vague term. Alternative to what? To  being popular? None really hold up to literal scrutiny, but as a phrase you sort of know what ballpark the artist is working in, or in this case knocking it out of!  If you want a better guide to what the genre means then listen to This Means War. I mean, it has all of the concepts and tricks that make pop what it is…infectious beats, hooky riffs, dynamic range, drive and addictive melodies. Pop for sure. But the way that Harry R. Brown uses these fairly traditional building blocks is what makes it feel unique, alternative, other… when compared to his mainstream rivals.

This Means War is quirky, kooky and cool. It seems to stomp and judder along in strange staccato fashion, moving from punchy and confident to ambient and drifty, from retro fuelled to forward thinking and taking in modern club vibes and funky pop grooves but still being that weird kid in the corner of mainstream music. Why conform when you can be weird? Why make good pop when you can make great alt-pop?

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