Damn Thang  – Woodfish (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Everyone knows that the bass is just part of the engine room of a band, the thing that you want to feel rather than hear, the low end groove maker that ties everything together but does so from a position at the back of the set up, essential but unacknowledged outside musician circles. Right? Right. Maybe someone should remind Woodfish of that because they obviously didn’t get the memo. Instead of the modest, back of the stage position that it normal works from, here the bass is right there up front, playing the busiest, funkiest and most awesomely eloquent lines, working with and around the six stringer and sharing the musical spotlight.

There is something about three piece bands, the format is the traditional rock and roll format boiled down to its very essence, three component parts all dovetailing with each other, no room for slack, no safety net. Woodfish is all that and more, each musician playing the role to perfection and then some and Damn Thang is a brilliant slice of funky, groovy rock ’n’ roll which combines wonderfully accessible sounds with a musical weave that will have fellow musicians making mental notes to really up their game. Damn Thang, damn great? Damn right!

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