This is…… Oscillator

10995634_978191842214934_5460495758836854138_nOscillator exist at the impact point of a three way collision between punk, new wave and garage rock. Punk provides the verve and energy, the directness and the swagger of the songs but this is tempered by the clean lines and the melody garnered from the explosion of creation of the “what punk did next” years. The curve ball here is the scuzzy and intentionally loose guitar lines, evidence of a band who have been at this game for a long time and who don’t need to bolt everything down too finely, experience and the understanding of the concept of music as a spontaneous process being their tools of the trade. And on a personal note, anyone who can enter the hallowed ground of Tom Waits and turn one of his most famous songs into a garage rock classic that never was, is good in my book.

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