New Music of the Day – LXII: Somebody Wrong – Flemming Borby and The Flying Saucers

10494657_159501007553743_5550499109360826018_nCarrying on  my recent fascination with new, German, underground music I find this indie-pop gem on constant rotation. Flemming Borby exhibits a wonderful pedigree, a stalwart of Greene and Labrador and more recent collaborations with musicians who have worked with everyone from Iggy Pop and Rocky Erikson to Rufus Wainwright and Calexico, show that he moves in all the right circles. But the real test of a musicians worth is found in the music so look no further than this song which exudes smooth West Coast vibes and jaunty post-punk poppisms, retro flavours indeed but put together in such a way that rather than making it sound behind the times instead feels ahead of the curve. A front runner in the cyclical nature of fashion and trend and it does all of this without breaking into a sweat. Spot on.

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