Brooklyn lounge-chill artist Roman Angelos and electronic producer Scott Solter (St. Vincent, Maps & Atlases, Spoon, Superchunk, The Mountain Goats) offer the latest from their collaborative album ‘Supermarkets, Underwater’.

Following the video for the lead track ‘Swimming Through The Aisles (Teeming Mix)’, acclaimed filmmaker Mark Solter has created a music film for ‘The Underwater Supermarket (Thierry de Mer Mix)’, the album’s closing track and certainly its most avant-garde.

Recently released via London’s Happy Robots Records, this record sees Solter fully reimagine Roman Angelos’ 2022 album ‘Music For Underwater Supermarkets’, a sonic dreamscape that transposes the mundane act of grocery shopping to an aquatic utopian landscaping. Solter flips the script, transforming the bouncy and upbeat material of the original album into a darker and more ambient landscape. Weaving in noise and shifting electronic percussion, this is an entirely new record.

Roman Angelos is the nom de plume of Brooklyn-based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Rich Bennett, developed as a vehicle to explore his obsession with library recordings of the 60’s and 70s, muzak and exotica. Exotic, dreamy, and wistful, this is the sound of a jazz sextet as channeled through synths and drum machines, creating a spacey feel.

For ‘The Underwater Supermarket (Thierry de Mer Mix)’ – a deeply submersive and eerie work – Scott Solter’s twin brother Mark Solter creates a dark and alluring visual experience, adding to the full ambience of the work. A cinematographer and director working in narrative, commercial and branded content, Mark Solter is a multiple film festival award winner, who has collaborated on a number of autonomous films worldwide and is currently developing several scripted properties.

“I viewed the idea of being underwater, a supermarket under water, as a flexible metaphor. Ideas beyond the threat level and adversity of an environment not normal to our function, but of events constructed or  self-inflicted, if you will, that result from the burden choice,” explains filmmaker Mark Solter.

Roman Angelos adds, “It was a great experience working with Mark Solter on this video. He understood the nature of this piece immediately and it took little to no explanation as to how it should be translated to video. Mark’s work adds in another dimension to this music; the things that submerge us in life, not just the bigger questions, but our everyday struggles as well.”

Produced by Rich Bennett at Acme Hall Studios in Brooklyn, the ‘Music For Underwater Supermarkets’ album was recorded live to tape, together in one room, by Colin Marston (Jarboe, Sailors With Wax Wings).

Rich Bennett has also been involved in a diverse group of musical projects, including outsider / 60s proto-punk group The Shaggs, dream pop outfit Mahogany, Brazilian funk group Limoncello, and Stereolab’s Morgane Lhote (aka Hologram Teen).

‘Supermarkets, Underwater’ is out now, available everywhere digitally, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. With distribution by Cargo Records, the CD is available exclusively via Bandcamp.

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