Having already been wonderfully impressed by Echoes‘ blend of accessibility and sophistication, its infectiousness and ornate structures, it would seem to be the perfect stepping stone from which to leap into their full-length album.

But, as is often the way with singles, it can only say so much about what to expect and, as great as it is, it can only hint at the sonic riches found on The Thought of Tomorrow. And of course, an album is a place for adventure and exploration; not every song needs to be a single or be aimed at a more mainstream audience. And so for every cool and accessible track such as the perfectly titled Cool’s delicate, lilting vibes or Moving Through Light hushed and hazy beauty, there are plenty of less expected moments too.

Home is sassy and sensual, its rhythms ebbing and flowing through cascade of world music sounds, Curious Waves is a Vangelisian pop-scape and One is forged from arabesque exotica.

It’s a fantastic album, one that is both highly accessible and easy on the ear but as soon as you start listening more keenly, one that reveals itself to be full of hidden depths, sonic worlds within worlds and subdued majesty.

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