Never judge a book by its cover, and when it comes to music this is doubly true. With a raven-haired queen of the night staring out from the single’s artwork, it would be easy to assume that what is found within would be full-on gothic theatrics or explosive alt-rock, and that isn’t to say that those aren’t territories that Black Koma touch on musical speaking.

But here, something else is at work and Roxy is a clever blend of hypnotic dance rhythms and chiming electronica sandwiched between solid bass and powerful beats, and energetic darkwave musical salvos. And it is long, at over 6 minutes but this gives it chance to slowly expand and evolve as it heads towards its sonic horizons, a shimmering keyboard motif here, a fractured and razor-edged guitar line there, all the while being driven on relentlessly by the growing power and its growling presence

You might come to Black Koma for their ability to play the hard and heavy card but Roxy is smarter than a mere show of music force. A new type of rock music, one that meshes primal gothic darkness with futuristic digital danger? Perhaps. Unexpected? Well, yes. A great song? Definitely.

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