The Sweetest Love – Blake Wharton (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We live in a world where creative people are increasingly wearing more and more hats. A singer may also be an artist, a dancer perhaps a teacher, a writer a videographer. It isn’t often that you come across a musician with a past life rooted in Motocross but here is Blake Wharton and a sassy and sublime song called The Sweetest Love to redress that oversight. The lesson here is the old adage of books and covers!

The Sweetest Love is a wonderfully lilting, countrified pop track, one built on mature lines and clever sonics, embracing the shimmering mandolins and jaunty groove of the most accessible country sound but also bathed in drifting vocal harmonies and oozing honest and unbridled passion.

It blends words of wisdom with expressions of complete commitment and musically it weaves banks of sweet instrumentals into a surprisingly deft and delicate backbeat, one of buoyancy, never weighed down by its intricacies and always led by the beguiling nature of the range of voices running above and through the song. As gorgeous a song as it is an unexpected source.

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