If Rollcall, the first piece of succulent sonics from this artist to find its way to my ear, seemed to be built from swirling, tendrils of music gradually teased from a raw, hazy industrial-ambient drift, Allinputs is a song which gets to work immediately. It is also immediately conjured from more robust and complicated stuff. Sweet synth grooves lead us in but are quickly subsumed by wonderfully off-kilter, bewitching, hi-octane beats. Together these form a byzantine and contorted drum pattern, one which carries a recognisable dance mission but it is one embedded in urgent and oddly arranged patterns These at times feel as if they are an anagram of what dance music should be, recognisable yet never in the order or arrangement that you expect them to be.

And with this bundle of futuristic drumming beating out the most tribal of ideas – ie. move to the groove – Blackpitch need only hang the deftest of musical ideas around it. The synths wander between bubbling streams of sound, energetic pulsing and depth-charge bass explosions and the sparing vocals add a distant hint of humanity through embedded washes of sound, heard but only half-understood, more instrumental addition than the stuff of language and communication.

It is an altogether more claustrophobic feeling being generated here, dance music for sure but dance music with an almost apocalyptic presence, a feeling driven home by the video, this time a wonderful collaboration with Creative Arthur. This stark, electric blue-red vision borrows something in spirit from The Matrix and writers such as Huxley or Ballard and the idea of humans being locked into a robotic cycle before breaking free and allowing nature to consume the world that they thought they knew. Well, that’s my interpretation but as with all good art the listener/watcher is allowed to draw their own conclusions.

But first and foremost Allinputs is a wonderful slice of brooding, alternative dance music. Smarter than most of the music in its field, generally tracks which fail to embrace the platform afforded to them in favour of cheap, overused gimmicks and the easy accessibility of mass-consumption. Blackpitch makes music for the more astute audience, for people who want to dance but who like to be challenged too, the alternative clubland set who have outgrown the mainstream and are looking to explore the darker, deeper corners of the genre.

Previous creations have wandered all over this alternative dance-scape, End Effect shifted between slightly glitchy sonic punctuation and brooding bass drones and Divebomb was built out of sonic intensity and verboten frequencies rather than the usual sound palette. Taken as a whole these tracks and their videos show a really exploratory nature, one where the music is being used to create a whole new type of dance music and the videos follow them down this otherworldly musical rabbit hole.

But back to the current track and the question of what it all means? Who knows? Everything? Nothing? Anything you want it too? That’s the great thing about art, and this is certainly art, it makes you, the consumer raise your own questions, apply a meaning which is applicable to your own way of looking at the world. Or maybe it is just a ultra-hot, super-smart piece of dance music? It’s for you to make your mind up.

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