When you see a caption like “Wellbeloved is perhaps the most influential indie rock artist that you’ve (probably) never heard of”, you’re compelled to check the music out, right? Some will do so to prove the slogan writer wrong, at least in their own aloof, elitist minds; others, like me, because anyone who attracts such sentiments has to be doing something interesting. And interesting is hardly the word. Try unique, powerful, and influential. Important is indeed the right word.

This album finds Wellbeloved returning to music-making after a long stint wearing other musical hats, and what a return it is. The Rusty is a collection of filthy, dystopian blues tunes, ones that ebb and flow between the alt-rock oblivion of Jump Into The Fire and the crooner-ish, Nick Cave-esque They Fall, the creeping, industrial minimalist salvos of Sell It To The World and the widescreen, sax-soaked squall of The Values.

All we can say is thanks for rejoining the recording world, Wellbeloved, it’s great to have you back.

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