Having been blown away by the charm of I Think I Saw You on the Street, Mechanisms…comes not exactly as a shock but does wonderfully illustrate how diverse a band can be without radically changing their sound. The same delicacy, the same gentleness, the same understatement also inhabits this song but somehow the music makes you look at the band differently and where there was previously space and innocence is now sultry groove and experience.

Blending smooth soulfulness and drifting dream-pop with R&B sass and a wonderful trip-hop downbeat vibe, just by taking a slight step to the left, sonically speaking, MARBL move between musical worlds. But the same audience who revelled in I Think I Saw You on the Street are the same audience who will lap this up too, that’s what is so great about the way they operate. They seem to be musical shape shifters, look at the band in one light and they have changed out of all recognition, look again and they are exactly where you left them last time around. How do they even do that?

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