Songs of the Night – Rhett Repko (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

One of the great things about Rhett Repko is his ability to tick so many musical boxes. He makes music that can certainly give pop a run for its money but does so using musical structures that come from a more rock place. The whole is then bathed in indie cool and everyone is happy. It’s a neat trick really, by hopping so many genres he avoids pigeon-holing and the music takes on a mass appeal. And the best thing is that even though this seems like the best marketing trick in the book, it all comes from a very natural place. You just have to look at the string of past releases to see that such an approach is inherent in the way he works.

As the first taste of the e.p. Songs of the Night, A Broken Song sees Rhett and the band doing what they do best and is simply another glorious taste of the trademark indie-pop this time served with a slightly dark twist and a reflective, almost melancholic tone. Out of My Head plays with some wonderful 60’s vibes, Lotta Love is a charming and chiming upbeat ballad and The Way I Love You makes for a perfect, rich and rewarding swan song for the e.p.

And whilst fellow artists are looking for the edge, the gimmick, the unique musical selling point, Mr Repko just gets on with the job leaving others to wonder just how he manages to get everything so consistently right all of the time. Sometimes I wonder if he knows just how good he is!

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