The Mail From Silence – Stay Close (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sitting somewhere between chilled dance music, beguiling pop and drifting experimental ambient electronica, Stay Close has crafted a fascinating song. It saunters seductively before the listener, moving in careful and considered steps for maximum effect. The groove is created by a pulsing and provocative bass line and on to this, is hung all manner of exquisite sonics.

Synths swirl in the distance, beats skitter around, evocative and understated pianos add graceful texture to the dynamic lulls and an affected and intriguing guitar fires off tortured and warped sonic salvos as the song heads towards the finish. But it is the vocals that keep you hooked more than anything. Futuristic, sparing, strange, otherworldly and wonderfully different from most of the pop and dance voices that you find being used today.

The Mail From Silence almost creates its own genre as it plays out, though I’m not sure what that genre might be called. Future Chill? Ambient Fusion? Post-Genre Slow-Dance? Perhaps best to just call it Stay Close music and leave it at that.

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