Dream World – Dorian (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Using the act of making music, in some ways, as a redemptive process, Dorian has poured all of his traumas, feelings and anxieties into the making of this album. And what may have begun as a form of escapism, has emerged from the other end of the process as a gorgeously rich R&B infused soul-pop album.

It is home to any number of shifting modes and genres. Just Look Ahead is a skittering slice of modernity, a soul vibe that is driven by a cutting edge dance groove and by contrast I Do is his take on the timeless and intimate soul ballad. There is joyous funky-dance such as The Reason, ambience and understatement with Feel It All On Me and even the soaring, epic R&B of Love Wins Again.

It is a modern album but one which is happy to acknowledge the past glories of pop stars, R&B legends and soul divas that have laid such a solid platform for artists such as himself to use as a springboard.

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