There are certain instruments that, if I see them listed on an album, my interest is piqued. 

Banjo is one, I have a weird fondness for the strange twang that only comes with a banjo.

Another is the cello, there is something brooding and rich about the tonal qualities of the cello, it sits rather wonderfully between its trebly cousin, the violin, and its larger uncle, the double bass and immediately sets a comforting tone. As instruments go, there are very few that can match the cello for atmosphere.

So, with this in mind, I leapt at the chance to review Simon McCorry‘s latest album  which is centred around the instrument.

What we have here is a broody, atmospheric collection of ‘songs’ that are quiet and intimate, meditative and peaceful yet, if you allow yourself to become immersed, highly rewarding. The music is difficult to pigeon-hole, it’s part soundtrack and part classical, but it’s often based around a repetitive ‘riff’ which allows the meditation quality to slowly and gently build. This is music for the soul rather than stunning solo pieces and grand classical works.

Set against a stark piano, the music enjoys its calm, laid-back tempo, it allows time for thought and reflection and is so well put together that everything seems to be in exactly the correct place.

For fans of music that doesn’t rely on guitar riffs and punchy choruses, this is ideal, play it with a Sunday morning newspaper and a pot of coffee, it’s music as pure escapism.

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