It takes a certain type of music fan to get excited over an Italian electro-pop duo but that is where we find ourselves. Oneiros Way hail from Milan and create a soundscape that is part dreamy pop, part movie soundtrack and part industrial. There is something dark and broody at its core and the music benefits massively from having such a hard centre, it gives gravity to the sound and distances itself from poppy music made for the masses and veers towards an older audience.

There are drawn-out spaces that allow the music to build, this, in turn, lends itself to the idea that these songs could accompany images from a film, the songs are by no means rushed and are deep in their production. It isn’t until ‘Glass Bell’ that the music moves into a more commercial feel with steady percussion and a more familiar feel (but this is then replaced by a drop out in the middle that feels like 90’s Pink Floyd have dropped by the studio).

My stand-out track of the album is ‘Rainfall’, it’s a distorted, Asian feel that almost becomes hypnotic and meditative, it steadily builds until you almost feel raindrops on your skin. It’s an impressive piece but there is always that dark subtone just lingering out of sight.

Europe has always been a leading light in pushing electronic music, from the early synth experimentations to the endless all-night parties on the Spanish islands where drink, drugs and dancing went hand in hand and it’s clear Europe is still pushing the expectancy of where the music can go.

Obviously, this won’t appeal to everyone, but if you fancy dipping your toe into some smart electro music, you could do much worse than tyring this on for size. 

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