The Grudge – Gozie Ukaga (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blending a dark and brooding R&B vibe with a rapped vocal delivery, The Grudge is a reflective journey through past thoughts and relationships. We are all the product of the journey through life which has got us to this point in the present and Ukaga explains that it is past indiscretions and being let down by others that have made him distrustful of those around him.

Sonically, it is slow and methodical, spacious and understated, the casual beats and the atmospheric sparseness, putting the vocals front and centre, the message and the sentiment being only gently cocooned in subdued samples and eclectic electronica.

And at under two minutes, the song shows that brevity often wins out over complexity, opting to get the ideas and message across in a simple, direct and unfussy way and then just leaving the thought hanging for the listener to draw their own conclusions.

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