Making Conversation – Eva No (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As if to underline just how small the world is, especially when it comes to musical styles and cultural traditions, Swedish artist Eva No’s latest single is a fusion of reggae vibes and Latin rhythms, sounds that, at one time at least, would never have been associated with her Scandinavian home.

But the world today is a place of clash and collision, where sounds and styles mix and meld to create new music and here it is a blend of cool, north European pop and island melodies, crisp sonics and sunshine vibes, that form the template for this adventurous and addictive song.

The beats invite, no, make that demand, that you move to the rhythm, the melodies pop and zing with energy and the grooves are both sassy and seductive. Music is all about cross-pollination and new ideas are formed, new styles birthed, new potential futures written because artists are brave enough to think outside their cultural box and fuse ideas garnered from all over the globe together. Making Conversation is the sound of such experiments taking place and such adventures being undertaken.

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