Making music based on a clear understanding of its healing qualities, Arienne Hearts Charlie write soulful and uplifting songs which come from a personal place but which are also universally relatable. Opening soothing salvo, Voyeur, is a song about total love, an entwining of hearts into the greatest show, hence the album title and a reminder that life is not just for living but, more importantly, for loving too.

Bare is a gorgeously spacious jazz-soul number that seems to evoke some of the great singers of both genres glorious past and there is even room for a checky reworking of Queens of The Stone Age’s iconic No One Knows, here rendered into a bluesy, breezy, buoyant slice of cocktail lounge splendour.

Gorgeous music delivered with space and spirit both a modern take on sophisticated jazz and soul, and plenty of nods back to the sounds of the past. Tasteful musicianship and out of this world vocals…perfect!

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