Goodbye – Molly Jenson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Goodbye, Molly Jenson‘s sophomore album is a remarkable, spacious and utterly gorgeous affair. Built of gentle swathes of dreamy pop vibes, drifting sonics, and fantastic use of space, the music ebbs and flows, digital waters crashing on analogue shores, often gently and seductive, occasionally employing more dramatic tones.

On top of this, you have Jenson‘s fantastic voice, understated to perfection, sometimes pressing home message and emotion, at others swirling through the song below the surface like another strand of the music, slightly imperceptible and all the more beguiling for it.

You Did Your Best is a wonderfully heady affair, I Want To Hate You is a deft and delicate piano piece, a heartbreaking and emotional post-relationship torch song and You Think That You Were The Only One shows that even when she plays a more upbeat pop card, her music is equally as impressive, engaging and infectious.

Anyone who makes me think of Bat For Lashes when I play their music has a space in my record collection. Although I think there will be a time soon when I will be using Molly Jenson as a touchstone reference for reviews of such music as often as I do the brilliant Ms Khan.

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