The Golden Lion – Invitia (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music has come a long way in such a short time. There was a time, even within my memory, where you accessed your music news via the printed word, listened to it via a physical, vinyl pressing and if you wanted to see music being played, you had to wait until a bunch of people with more traditional instruments hit a stage near you. Today, I’m sat here watching a slick and gentle dance number presented to me via a video made in Indonesia for a song by a Belgian based Swedish producer which has been remixed by a DJ in Miami. Global or what?

If nothing else, this one track is a fantastic indication of how technology has made the world such a small place to work in, how it has enabled artists to easily hop geographic constraints, how it has opened up music-making to the masses, allowed traditional songwriting and studio techniques to merge into new forms and how they can then broadcast and promote themselves effortlessly and instantly across the globe. Even the most traditional music fan can’t argue that that isn’t a good thing, surely?


And ticking all of those boxes is great in its own right. Doing all of that and dropping a cool, dance number at the same time is even better. The Golden Lion is a spacious and accessible slice of clubland chill-zone charm. Wandering between reserved grooves and more energetic beats, it breaks from the usual dance floor traditional subjects of hedonism and partying, throwaway romance and other such trivial matters. This is a tale of exotic adventure, of exploration, escapism and secret knowledge. Its video neatly portrays these themes with some gorgeously cinematic vistas and a neat narrative running through it all.

If you are used to most music eminating from the club circuit being about how many beats per minute it can run on, how big a drop or sky-thrusting a crescendo it can build, about following the same old templates, then The Golden Lion will act as the perfect antidote. Gentle, relaxing, smooth and spacious. This is the soundtrack to watching the sun come up after a night of clubland craziness. Perfect. 

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