Peace – LaBronn Conner Jr. (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although known mainly as a blues singer, LaBronn Conner Jr. has always been keen to spread his wings and embrace other sonic territories and Peace is certainly a deliberate move in that direction. It may be a small step, generically speaking, but it is a big song, one that takes in a more contemporary, rock-fuelled blues drive but without losing the soulful touches that have long been part of his musical sound.

Peace is both a song which will appeal to his existing fan-base whilst helping to widen it too. It starts in a realm of mellifluous and soulful tones, slowly building up momentum by adding additional sonic textures, from tastefully guitar lines to swelling Hammond organs, before cutting loose into full blues-rock territory.

And whilst the music is impressive, cleverly cut from its sonic cloth and intricately put together, it is LaBronn Conner Jr.’s voice which remains the star attraction. Whether plying the listener with soft and intimate whispers or belting out sky-searing, dramatic vocals, he is impressive throughout. Definitely one to watch out for.

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