The First Day of the Rain –  MARBL (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When we hear the phrase “there are three people in this relationship,” our first thought isn’t that they are talking about the pet, but that is exactly the angle that MARBL take with their latest single. Not so much seen from the point of view of the pet dog but certainly a reminder that pets are like children in many respects, The First Day of the Rain follows a couple’s relationship through highs, lows, the break up and the moving on. That might sound a bit too earnest or forcing the point a bit too much but the idea that animals are affected by people’s changing relationships is certainly something to think about and it is dealt with subtly and skilful here.

The usual minimalist and slightly quirky folk-pop sounds are at play here, a combination of Moria’s unique and engaging tones and only the barest of music, mainly piano and synth washes, to frame it and a video which heads the lyrics in a new direction. That is all you need to produce a wonderfully memorable single. At least that is all that MARBL need but they do seem to have a knack of doing this better than most other bands.

And the reason for the emphasis on the pet’s eye view is that the single is being used to raise awareness for stray dogs and other animals both in their own homeland of Israel but here in the UK too. It’s a great song even without the video but there is something magical about the direction that the accompanying film takes things in. Great music and a great cause going hand in hand. How cool is that?

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