On Peace Street, Vol 1 – Various Artists (reviewed by Dave Franklin) 

As the name suggest this compilation is more than just a showcase for new, breaking and about to happen artists. I mean, it is that certainly, but it is also a collection of songs themed around hope, peace and positivity. Something that seems to be in short supply these days. So whether you come at this album as a place to source new music or as a soundtrack to serenity, it works on both levels.

Stacy Jones’ Love is Everywhere is a gorgeous slice of upbeat soul punctuated with bluesy rock guitars and soaring vocals, a nod to the soul sensations of the past, and this girl as got the throat to match them, and a wonderful reinvention of the genre for the modern age. Nikki Kris delivers a swirling and spacious piano ballad that grows into something  displaying anthemic qualities and Lakotah brings us a brooding slice of raucous pop meets alt-rock complete with a vocal performance which is reminiscent of Skunk Anasie’s Skin or Portishead’s Beth Gibbons. Good company indeed.

There are a few familiar faces for readers of this website. Radio Drive’s selection is a soul-searching reminder that we are all one family whilst Peter Unger’s deft acoustica is simply a Song for Peace, straight to the point really. R W Roldan contributes a typically country orientated ballad which cuts across the idea of colour and creed in favour of community and co-operation.

It’s a great compilation, and I have touched on only a fraction of this 19 track sampler. As I hinted at before if you are looking for new music to explore this is a great album. If you are seeking out a soundtrack that offers hope or just a sweet and soothing score to play as you go about your day, it is all that too. No matter for which of those reasons and a dozen others too you chose just buy it. It’s just one small part in the building of a more positive future and we are certainly in need of one of those. Parting those dark clouds one song at a time!

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  1. Hi Dave,
    These reviews sound great, are you looking for new songs in the same vein ?
    I think I have a few tunes you would like, please send me info on how to develop this further

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