So, that was the musical year that was. And to give you just a small taste of the cool music and even cooler people who have passed under the pen this year I have put together an end of year snapshot of the soundtrack to my working weeks. And it is just a snapshot. Two or three tracks for each month chosen by looking at the most read and responded to reviews and using that as a shortlist have selected tracks that have made an impression on me…in a good way. It could have been a festive 80 or a festive 200 and I would have still left a lot of great music out. So use this as a springboard, check out the playlist and if so inclined explore further, play, share or even buy their music, make sure they are still in the game this time next year.

And if you have enjoyed what we do at DAA, if your music has been covered and you would like to show your appreciation, remember you can drop a few coins in the coffee fund at the link on the right. Have a great Christmas and see you all on the other side.

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