Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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The Festive Forty: A Big Groovy End of Year Playlist

So, that was the musical year that was. And to give you just a small taste of the cool music and even cooler people...

Those Were The Music Weeks That Were – 310521

I've been a bit hit and miss with a weekly playlist of late, so this one will represent about 3 weeks worth of music....

Like Magdalene – Jane Allison (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Most music has at least a small nostalgic thread running through its core. How can it not, being that music is made through standing...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 192020

Penultimate playlist of the year and a great chance to explore and perhaps buy some great new music to add some sparkle to the...

Magdalene – Jane Allison (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Songs, if fashioned properly at least, have the ability speak through their music whilst having a second conversation via their lyrics. The art of...

Top Ten Albums of The Year – 2017

Picking just ten albums out of the pack is always a tricky thing. This site has reviewed around 500 pieces of music this year...

Methylene Blue  –  Jane Allison (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is strange, admittedly, but there is something quite enjoyable about a well-penned mournful song, something universal and comforting in its sad refrain and...

Just Another Girl – Jane Allison – reviewed by Dave Franklin

Americana is a term that is banded about all too easily, like roots or world music or terms such as celebrity, phrases like awesome...