The Evolution  –  King C.P (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is always hard to find new places for music to go. That’s true of any genre but perhaps more so in the case of rap and hip-hop which often seems constricted by rules and regulations of its own making, shackled down by their own sonic chains. And whereas many try to find a new way through all the sonic red tape by blowing holes in the status quo, by acts of revolution, King C.P finds his musical room to roam using more subtle means and so perhaps evolution, as opposed to revolution, is the perfect title for the album.

Rather than add new and unnecessary weight to the music, rather than pile on the musical gimmicks and studio gizmo’s, instead King C.P finds his own private revolution in the sonic understatements and less is more approach that this album takes. He allows himself space, backing tracks almost reduced to just a structural beat and only enough music to colour the sonic middle ground, meaning that there is plenty of room for the lyrics to work their magic, which is after all the true heart of this style of music.

It means that songs such as Nevaland feel like a one-to-one conversation, Stuck in V.A. is like a diary entry of personal history secretly and intimate thoughts lifted off the page and whispered to the listener, and Thanos becomes a sultry and swaggering statement of intent.

Not all change has to be radical to be effective. Sometimes it is the small, incremental shifts which prove to be the most decisive and here King C.P proves that it is Evolution rather than revolution which reaps the best result.

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