At Night – Deaundre (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Genres are at their best when they are being wilfully ignored. Better still when they are not even being acknowledged in the first place. I think it is this healthy ambivalence to the idea of musical rules and regulations that makes At Night such an interesting musical prospect. I guess it is pop, sort of, but instead of building in obvious hooks and throwaway melodies it opts for a sort of hypnotic relentlessness, a cascade of peddle notes which churn away like a mechanical fairground organ. Added to this a lazy, lolloping beat and other, occasional musical motifs and oddities and you have a tune which sounds as if it shouldn’t really work but actually becomes more than the sum of its parts. Much more. How wonderfully unexpected.

Joined, as always, by long term collaborator Astronaut, Deaundre explores the aftermath of a break up and proceeds to nudge the song further off the beaten track by the drifting, high vocal register he adopts which pushes the song into a sort of otherworldly realm and the inclusion of spoken world samples which add a corresponding dark and earthly dimension.

It’s a song built from opposites but as the cliche says, they attract and At Night is the proof if ever proof was needed.

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