Loss and redemptions sit at the heart of this latest single from Stephen Piazza; something witnessed first-hand by the artist himself. With the passing of his grandmother, he witnessed his grandfather lose any drive for life, desiring only to be reunited with her in the next life. A heartbreaking but totally understandable situation.

The Edge encompasses these complex feelings and strong emotions, contemplating ideas of love, loss, longing, and life itself. And they do so in a gentle yet anthemic, soulful pop ballad, one that wanders from soothing and sensitive lulls to emotive and euphoric highs, the music following that roller-coaster ride that people navigate during such experiences.

Lyrically, Piazza sums the song’s message up eloquently, “We all know that there is great sorrow in losing loved ones, but there is hope through Jesus Christ that we will see our loved ones once again.” And musically, it is an equal blend of hope and spirituality, sitting on the cusp of real-world experience and thoughts of the meaning and nature of life itself.

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