Mixing pop, neo-soul, and of-the-moment R&B into one neat sonic bundle proves to be a winning formula for Qeuly, and Leap is one of those infectious songs which is equally at home in the commercial mainstream as it is in the more discerning underground. It is light and accessible, yet it leaves addictive sonic trails as it earworms its way through both popular consciousness and the listener’s psyche.

He even goes as far as to leave some Prince references in the chorus, thus aligning his style and attitude with, arguably, one of the greatest pop writers of the modern era. Good company to have as a sonic traveling companion, that’s for sure.

At the song’s heart is a declaration of love and a reminder that sometimes you have to just trust your emotional instincts and take a leap of faith to find happiness. It is both timeless in its sentiment and cutting-edge in its delivery. The perfect combination. 

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