Occasionally an album comes along that delivers surprise and delight in equal measure, at times exciting and energetic and at other times brilliant and bonkers. Yves Lambert Trio’s ‘Tentation’ is anything but normal and definitely not what one would expect from a French-language folk album.

Hailing from Quebec – and heavily influenced by the music brought to the Canadian shores by Irish immigrants – the trio of Lambert, Tommy Gauthier and Olivier Rondeau have pieced together a fine album full of Gaelic flair and Celtic sounds.

With an album cover borrowing heavily from Michelangelo’s ‘Temptation of St. Anthony’ you are left wondering what kind of music to expect from Yves Lambert Trio, the cover gives very little away and with the opening track ‘La Poule A Jean Paul’ beginning with the sound of a chicken clucking, you know this is going to be something slightly different.

I would love to say I can understand everything that is being said but my GCSE French only gets me as far as ordering some ham and cheese from a supermarket (if I try I could probably ask for directions to the supermarche localtoo) so I can only comment on the music, and it’s faultless. Irish music is joyous and carefree when it’s played like this, the party has started, and the stout is flowing in this band and its as authentic as I’ve heard outside of the Emerald Isle. The band add some marvellous instrumentals onto the album, so the music is clearly heard and is proof that music has no borders or boundaries.

This is an album I’ll be returning to again.


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