Something to Miss – Charlotte Grayson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The idea of just another young female artist folk-popping her way to chart success with an acoustic guitar and a chilled and minimalist tune might have collective eyes rolling and audible sighs of “here we go again”. Maybe it is a style that has been overdone of late, perhaps but rarely has it been done this well. For every hundred such artists using the format as a short cut to celebrity status you find one that really understands the genre and Charlotte Grayson, for all her small amount of years, understands it explicitly.

Something To Miss is the perfect blend of pop accessibility, folk delicacy and indie cool, graceful, delicate and emotive, and driven by a voice that seems to combine teen innocence and worldly experience. That’s a lot to pack into such a spacious song but as is often the case when such things are done correctly, it is the atmospheres that fall between the notes and the anticipation that inhabits the breathing space between the words that seem to make the song more powerful, rather than less.

And if such qualities are present here, they are found more so in its accompanying song Mesmerised. Less immediate and pop aware perhaps,  the song instead swaps such concerns for gorgeous indie-folk textures and hushed sonics and the result is a song which feels even more heartfelt and passionate.

With an album currently being recorded, Charlotte Grayson is on the verge of landing in the public consciousness in no small way. These two songs show an artist who isn’t just aiming for the teen market, the quick buck, the short game. This is an artist already writing songs with that elusive quality…longevity. Come back to me in ten years and tell me I am wrong!

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