You can make music as funky and infectious, as unique and groovy, as sassy and stimulating as you like but if you don’t infuse a song with a lyrical component as powerful and poignant as the instrumental blends that drive, then you are missing a trick. Thankfully, Loud Apartment is too smart to miss such opportunities and their latest single, Technology, from the forthcoming new album New Future, is the perfect combination of addictive grooves and thought-provoking lyrics.

I would say that it runs on their signature sound, but Loud Apartment is so flexible and fluid when it comes to laying down music that it is hard to nail them down to any one sound, style or genre. But their blends of funky bass lines and punctuating percussion, floating flute lines and scratched sounds, brass breaks and soulful moves seem like they could only have been the product of this band.

And lyrically, they match this potency and creativity too, reminding us that technology is meant to be a servant of society, not something that we are made to fall slave to, but that is what is happening. (And yes, I know the irony of the fact that you are reading this online, but a man has gotta eat!)

So to recap. Potent music. Poignant lyrics. Groovy as hell. What’s not to like?

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  1. […] Loud Apartment has proven time and time again that its ability to blend and bend musical genres is second to none. Its members are just at home working with jazz and funk as they are with hip-hop and blues, to them, these often separate hallowed music grounds merely provide the sonic building blocks that they need to make their new strands of music. It’s a world where generic divides are to be ignored, fashion is something that should be created rather than followed and music should be adventurous and experimental. […]

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