I love it when artists that we have covered separately on this site end up collaborating, it feels like missing pieces dropping into place and underlines the sort of gang mentality that grassroots artists and the sites that cover them feel part of.

Loud Apartment has proven time and time again that its ability to blend and bend musical genres is second to none. Its members are just at home working with jazz and funk as they are with hip-hop and blues, to them, these often separate hallowed music grounds merely provide the sonic building blocks that they need to make their new strands of music. It’s a world where generic divides are to be ignored, fashion is something that should be created rather than followed and music should be adventurous and experimental.

Not only is the latest single, Rebellion, built on some reggae grooves and backbeats, although it is much more creatively driven to be merely labelled as a reggae song, the icing on the cake is also that they have invited Garrison Hawk, perhaps best known as a long-term collaborator of Tricky and Sly & Robbie, among other notable artists, along to provide some authentic toasting to add the vocal spice and making for a wonderful dynamic contrast with the smoother vocals of the verses.

Although Loud Apartment’s music is often ornate and complex, here they opt for restraint and understatement, setting up exotic grooves and neat beats as a platform, adding those two blends of contrasting vocals to the top line of the song and then leaving the middle-ground wonderfully sparse. Less is indeed more. In this case, much much more.

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